"Learn How To Fly Fish" Annual Subscription

This comprehensive, bottom-to-top online course will provide the beginning to intermediate learner knowledge and skills that might otherwise take years to acquire. 

All the key elements of fly fishing are thoroughly covered in 10 chapters:  Knots, Equipment, Rods, Reels, Lines, Leaders, Insects, Flies, Fish, Casting

7 decades of experience...

The principal author of this course is Dana C. Cole.  Dana is a fly fisher of 70 years.  He taught fly fishing at the University of Nebraska for several years prior to starting the National Fishing in Schools Program with his daughter, Katie, in 2010.  His work is responsible for teaching tens of thousands of people how to fly fish.

Start your lifetime journey of fly fishing...

This "turnkey' solution to learning how to fly fish enables you to work on your own time and speed. 

The course assesses your progress, keeps track of where you've been, and leads you to what your next steps should be.

A mix of text & imagery...

Video complements text; interactive ebooks; self-assessments; pop quizzes; reference library.  1800 images: digital & video

Comprehensive content...

  • 10 chapters - one for each element
  • 1000 pages
  • 9000 links
  • Covers: 79 Insects, 30 Fish, 100 Flies

Take years off the curve...

Shorten the learning curve by perhaps decades.  Master what may seem like "that's hard to do..." by eliminating the trial and error process.

"Learn How To Fly Fish" Annual Subscription

Entitles the subscriber to unlimited access to the "Learn How To Fly Fish" LMS course on NFSP CAST for one year. Gain knowledge and skills that might otherwise take years to acquire.  Renews upon expiration with prior approval of the subscriber.

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