get detailed guidance on how to conduct
 A "fishing in schools" EVENT

F.I.S.H. =
Fishing in Schools Happening

Fishing in Schools Happening is an outdoor fishing event, usually hosted by the school district, as a culminating activity for the teachers and students participating in "Fishing in Schools."  This "course" provides thorough information to educators on how to conduct such an event.  Led by a school district administrator with 10 years' experience conducting these events.
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What's included?

  • What is a "F.I.S.H. Event?
  • Who...
  • What...
  • When...
  • Where...
  • How to do it successfully

For the school district... 

You will learn how to develop, organize and implement a competitive-but-mostly-for-fun fishing event in your city/region for students taking the "Fishing in Schools" course in your school(s).

For the teacher...

Teachers: learn the how-tos and where-fors to plan and conduct a fun, safe and successful culminating event for your CALCAS and/or CAFCAS students.  Prizes and awards available.
Meet the instructor

Matthew Avey

Curriculum Specialist, Lincoln Public Schools, Lincoln, Nebraska.

Matt has been a practicioner of the "Fishing in Schools" program for a decade.  He began as a Physical Education teacher at Lincoln North Star  High School in Lincoln in 2011.  In 2015, he assumed the reins as the Curriculum Specialist for his district, Lincoln Public Schools. The school district is growing and thriving, serving over 42,000 students in more than 60 schools and programs. 

Matt has conducted 9 successive years as organizer and executor of the NFSP LPS F.I.S.H. Event for its 5 high schools.  Up to 300 students have participated in these 1 day events that have served over 2000 students.

If you want to shorten the learning curve on how to produce an effective and successful event for your district, school and students, Matt is the authority to listen - and talk - to.

Heck.  As an experienced angler of all disciplines, he can even give advice on the best tactics on how to catch fish, regardless of the method or time of year.
Author: Matthew Avey  Curriculum Specialist
Phone: 402-436-1812
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