"Cast A Fly,
Catch A Student" - Student Edition

Course materials for the student taking the fly fishing curriculum
of the National Fishing in Schools Program
Standards-compliant in-school K-12 curriculum

What's included?

The course materials for students taking the "CAFCAS" course in their school

Correlates to instruction provided by your "Fishing in Schools" teacher

Lesson Plans

Provides anytime access to the LMS of NFSP, enabling the student to review course content on their own.

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CAFCAS Course Materials

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NFSP Administrative License -
"Cast A Fly, Catch A Student"

License includes 3 CAFCAS LMS courses, for 10 educators, for one year:
  • Training for 10 teachers
  • access to CAFCAS curriculum and lesson plans for teachers
  • access to Course materials for their students
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