"Great program - we would like to train all our staff to teach it."
"We had students tie knots at the beginning of every class and and were impressed by how quickly the students began to get it."
"We did the 12 lessons and stretched it out into 16 lessons."
"Overall it is a great start, and we look forward to using it in the future and watching NFSP grow."
"Great program, great program, students were engaged and excited to learn everyday."
"Having a NFSP tent or booth setup at family fishing events would be pretty cool. The function of the NFSP would be to encourage and support students learning to become anglers."
"My students enjoyed the experience and that we will build on next year."
"I love this program. I have been waiting a long time to be able to do this with our school. The grant helped us to finally make this a reality. I am in a Title One school where students have limited opportunities to be involved in extra curricular activities outside of school. This is definitely a life long hobby they can do on their own and with their families as they grow up!"
"I thought the program was great. I'm looking to forward to teaching it again next year."
"It was great."
"Even with some hurdles the students really enjoyed learning how to fish and using the equipment. I would recommend doing this again in the future with the understanding that the lessons often are longer than what is suggested in the current curriculum."
"The students LOVED this program. I had many more wishing they had been in the class. The best part was 'catching' the target fish. They all learned how to properly land the fish in the nets keeping it in the water. Then they all just did it naturally without any prompting. We made lots of games and contests with individually wrapped lifesavers for prizes. (Kids will do anything for even a small treat). I will definitely do this unit again next year."
"This is a great program and a great addition to my PE curriculum. I primarily introduced this to my 9th grade PE class and was happy with the blend of what the students already knew and what they learned from the curriculum. I feel like each and every one of them (even the experienced fishermen) took something new that they learned from the program."
"This is awesome curriculum. My students were VERY excited to be part of this.  I taught just 3rd - 5th graders this year.  I really wish it was easier to take kids fishing in person!
"We absolutely loved the program. I think having more of the FishTargets would be very valuable. That was the students favorite part. I contacted TWRA and we concluded our unit with a visit from three TWRA officers.  I would love to have fishing equipment to hand out to our students.  Thank you so much for proving such an amazing and fun curriculum and most importantly ALL the supplies needed."
"We loved our first year of NFSP. I wouldn't change much about the program. Very easy to follow and the kids were very engaged. I will have my students keep a small binder with all they learned for next year."
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