Access to all fly fishing courses!

"Cast A Fly, Catch A Student" Administrative License 5

This license provides the school district or administrative licensee with CAFCAS certification training for up to 5 teachers, and unlimited access to the curriculum and lesson plans for such teachers and all of their students for one year. 
An $1800 value if individual subscriptions.
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CAFCAS Courses included...

  • NFSP Level 1 Teacher Training
  • CAFCAS Curriculum/Lesson Plans
  • Learn How To Fly Fish Personal Development Course(the most comprehensive coverage of the fundamentals)
  • F.I.S.H. - Fishing in Schools Happening (FREE)
  • FREE: CAFCAS Lesson Plans for Students

What's included?

  • License for one year...
  • Online training and certification of up to 5 teachers in the CAFCAS fly fishing curriculum
  • Unlimited online access to current CAFCAS curriculum and lesson plans for certified teachers
  • Unlimited online access for ALL the students of such teachers
* Course Applications for Students & Teachers

Simplify admin...

  • No need for individual teachers  to go through the training & fee payment process for the 2 different LMS courses
  • One annual payment
  • Makes training of additional or  replacement teachers easy

Always up-to-date...

  • Teachers and their students will be accessing the most-current content for both training and instruction
  • pdf-downloadable forms, assessments, quizzes and  lessons are at their fingertips from any device, anywhere, anytime

Satisfaction assured...

  • Provide consistent, standards-compliant curriculum across the spectrum of your educators
  • Re-fresh and re-train effortlessly
  • Seamless, up-to-date content always available

Standards compliant...

All NFSP curricula meets SHAPE America national academic standards.  Compiled and written by professional teaches who are also accomplished, long-time anglers.
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